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Director: Rebecca Laird  

Home Phone:  716-492-2789, Email:
or text me at: 716-640-5702 (cell phone for texting and emergency calls only).

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Grace Worship Arts, Inc.
3554 Block Rd., Delevan NY 14042

ABSENCES:  Please remember to contact your child’s teacher if they will be absent or late to class.   Consistent attendance is required.  We aim for no more than 3 absences for the entire year in order to keep up with what is being taught.  If classes are missed, students are welcome to make up for that class by attending a similar class the same month.  Ex: If class is cancelled or a student needs to miss class due to a school concert on a Friday, they are welcome to attend a Wednesday class instead.

Teacher Contact Numbers:  
Emily Smith (Diamonds): 716-986-2395 cell, 716-942-3072 hm,
Samantha Salzler (Tap) -- 716-689-5853 cell, 585-4925-2983 hm,
Janene Staffone (Wed: Rubies/Amethysts, Praise Jam) -- 716-604-4711,
Cindy Zeis (Wednesdays/Fridays) -- 716-997-5757,
Carolyn Fisher (Tu/Fri:Emeralds,Ameth/Sapph/Pearls, APJ) 585-315-8245,
Rebecca Laird (Teaching Director) 716-640-5702 cell, 716-492-2789 hm,

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